Can't miss Cyber Monday travel deals

CLEVELAND - 1. Hotels

Yes, many hotels are looking to cash in on Cyber Monday including Starwood Hotels and Resorts which is offering up to 40 percent off, according to USA Today. The prices vary and are non-refundable but if you know you're going to be traveling, it could save you a few pennies. Cyber Monday these rates will be available via a special site:  Starwood's Cyber Monday site . Also, Loews Hotels are offering 20% off their base rate one day only for travel between November 29, 2011 and March 31, 2012. The Cyber Monday promotions can be found by on their website .

2. Airfares

Most airlines aren't offering Cyber Monday deals, but a few including Virgin Atlantic has some bargain routes priced as low as $39 each way, plus taxes and fees. Also, Frontier Airlines is also offering double miles on qualifying purchases.

3. Travel Packages is offering what it is calling "Not A Typo" Cyber Monday Sale, with hourly deals going live from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. The flash-deal travel site, which launched in March, promises bargains such as 90% off an airline gift card; $10 a night for a three-star hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona; and 90% off Las Vegas shows.


4. Luggage

These take a beating and if you're looking for something fun, affordable and durable... I have your pick. It's the Brookestone 20" Dash Upright Wheeled luggage. It comes in several bright shades to match to a favorite sports team or college color and all four wheels are multi-directional. Priced around $100, you'll qualify for free shipping at many retailers.

5. 4GB USB Drives

Okay, not the flashiest gift but practical for those on the go. I found them priced from $5 to $10 for Cyber Monday. Staples is offing on 70 percent off for $5.99. Makes a great stocking stuffer.

6. Travel Apparel

Heard of Scottevest? It's a company that makes streamlined clothes designed for travel and packing. On Monday, they're offering 30 percent off on select merchandise if you use the code CYBER30 when you check out.

Finally, avoid travel traps with these expert reminders:

First, know where you want to go... it might sound obvious, but don't let the deal dictate your destination without thinking about "can you get off work," sitters and of course, budget.

Second, be ready to move fast... as in all good sales, the best deals go first.  

And finally, check twitter and facebook for changes or exclusive offers you might not catch on the websites.

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