Traffic Incident Report: Morning Commute

CLEVELAND - 8:30am E 30th at Chester crash reported #cletraffic #early5

8:10am 71 NB crash is cleared, but delays are heavy from W 25th #cletraffic #early5

Rt 8 Sb at Tallmadge Ave, accident on shoulder. #cletraffic #early5

7:55am 71NB accident on shoulder near Clark Ave #cletraffic #early5

7:50am Delays:

Delays  on 77 NB from 480 to 90 #cletraffic #early5

480 EB from Pearl Ave to 271

90 EB from W 44th to Kenilworth

71 NB from W 25th to 490

6am Moving well

4:30am Trouble Free


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