Traffic Incident Report: Morning Commute

CLEVELAND - 8:46am 77 NB at RT 18... crash moved over to shoulder. #cletraffic #early5

271 ramp at 71 lane blocked iwth overturned semi

8:15am Overturned truck on 71 ramp at 271. #cletraffic #early5

8:04am Accident on shoulder Rt 8 SB before Turnpike. NO delays #cletraffic #early5

90 EB is stop and go from Hilliard... accident on shoulder near W 65th

7:47am MIddle lane blocked 77 NB at RT 18. #cletraffic #early5

7:45am Left lane blocked on 77 NB at Fleet

7:27am 71 NB crash is clear! still slow from Denison #cletraffic #early5

7:14am Still blocked left lane on 71 NB at 90. Stopped traffic at Denison #cletraffic #early5

6:48am Delays on 71 now back to Dennison Ave. If you leave soon and want to avoid traffic, stick with Jennings. #cletraffic #early5

6:41am Delays on 71 NB now stretch back to W 25th

6:21am 71 NB crash at 90. 2 left lanes blocked


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