What If the Indians finished the 94 season?

CWRU student runs a program to answer the question

In 1994 the Indians were battling the Chicago White Sox for first place in the AL Central division but the season was cut short by a 232 day strike that began on August 12th.

Case Western Reserve University Senior Zach Hass, a statistics and economics major from Shawano,Wisconsin used a formula he devised by using all sorts of statistics and variables from the 1994 MLB baseball season to simulate the outcome of the 1994 season.

Haas worked through some 1,000 season simulations to arrive at his results. in the end, the Indians would make the playoffs 83% of the time. The senior who also played free safety and outside linebacker for the Spartan football team said he got the idea for his senior project from a case presented by a Professor at a University in Poland that created a statistical program called Poison Regression to estimate the goals for Poland's 1938 soccer season cut short by World War II.

Haas plans to pursue a Masters degree at Purdue University in the fall.

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