Strange bedfellows? Future NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel hitching his wagon to LeBron James

One knock on quarterback Johnny Manziel is that he won't be big enough to play the position at the NFL level. Don't expect that image to change if he's standing next to his new pal , the 6'8" LeBron James. reports the two are on the verge of becoming business partners. In what? Marketing, of course.

Manziel is set to sign with LeBron's company, LRMR, run by his Akron high school buddy Maverick Carter, For the Win says

The two met last summer when the Doug Flutie-esque QB was being investigated by the NCAA regarding allegations he was paid to sign autographs, the Huffington Post says .

Manziel says the Akron native has helped him out through some "tough times." And LeBron says , he's looking forward to helping Manziel more. 

If some draft experts are right , King James might be helping Johnny Football find a home in northeast Ohio remains to be seen.

And if Manziel does come to Cleveland, would that mean LeBron would follow ?

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