Nike unveils new NFL uniforms

CLEVELAND - Just do it. That's what fans have been saying when it comes to unveiling new jerseys that Nike will finally roll out Tuesday.

The jerseys were unveiled at a NFL event in Brooklyn. The Seahawks got a massive overhaul to their look with a whole new set of uniforms but most teams' look stayed much the same, as was expected by insiders.

The only noticeable change is the Nike swoosh on each shoulder, the front of the pants and cleats. Nike also presented new player gloves with team logos and a variety of fan gear.

There has been a lot of talk about the NFL's apparel switch from Reebok to Nike this offseason.

Fans posted what they called ‘leaks' of radical new designs but those turned out to be fake.

The Browns' online shop now advertises an all-new Nike collection with T-shirts, tank tops and shorts.

Nike has garnered lots of buzz for its line of eye-popping Pro Combat college football uniforms .

It is unknown if at some point Nike will bring any type of major design shift like that to NFL uniforms, which are typically more traditional.

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