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Inside the life of an AHL player

CLEVELAND - Hello everybody, my name is Justin Mercier and some of you may know me as a hockey player for the Lake Erie Monsters. I was approached about creating a blog that would hopefully give some insight as to what we hockey players actually do with our lives away from the arena. I thought it was a great idea, so I'd like to share with you a little bit about myself and hopefully you'll find it interesting!

First of all, as I write this blog entry I find myself watching Castaway, great movie, love Tom Hanks. We spend so much time with games, practices, workouts and traveling, so a lot of my time away from the rink is spent relaxing in front of the television. I watch a lot of different shows, although I will say my favorite stations are Discovery and ESPN. I watch quite a bit of the Travel Channel and History Channel too. The show I'm most into right now is Top Shot on Discovery, the accuracy some of those guys have is incredible.

Along with watching more than the average amount of television, I find myself playing video games a lot as well. A bunch of the guys on my team love playing Call of Duty, but I stick to the more traditional games and just play Mario Brothers on Wii. It's not fun to play COD with the boys because I'm pretty bad at it and just find myself padding the other team's stats, so I just stay with jumping on walking mushrooms and throwing fireballs at flying turtles!

When I'm not breaking in my new leather couch, I love to go out and do different things around the city. Last night for example, I went to a stand-up comedy show with my girlfriend. It was at The Brothers Lounge, a pretty nice place on Detroit Ave. I had never been to a show like that before and it was actually pretty funny. One of my girlfriend's co-workers was hosting the event and it was different to see him actually on stage telling jokes rather than tending a bar. The guy is super funny, his name is Mike Farrell and he does a lot of work at that comedy club on E. 4th St, Hilarities. You should check it out some time, I know I'll be back, it was a great first experience of live stand-up comedy.

Well, I think I've taken up enough of your time for this first edition of my blog. I hope you liked it and come back next week to find out what I've been up to over the next couple of days!


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