Hudson High School football moms take to the field

Moms learn lessons of the game

HUDSON, Ohio - It was a first of its kind in Hudson where the moms of the football team got together to learn the game.

The event took place in the auditorium of the high school with about 50 moms present and ready to learn. The short classroom session was taught by Coach Ron Wright and when he was done it was on to the field.

"It was scary and more complicated then I realized," said Connie Motter, whose son plays wide receiver.

Jennifer Guadagni wowed the crowed with her play. She played the same position as her quarterback son. After saying, "Hike," she was attacked by a massive line of mines all coming for her. She ran to the right then turned and ran back to the left completing a pass to her wide receiver.

It was a lesson some NFL quarterbacks could learn. She said some moms were unaware of what position their son's played. Others, she said, were a little nervous.

"Before [the coach] sat down with us I said 'Oh, I think we are going to throw a screen pass. Moms were like, 'Oh gosh I don't even know what a screen pass is.'"

In the end, the coach called all the moms together where they did a chant celebrating the pride of the town's football team, "We are Hudson!"

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