Fan sets up new message for LeBron James along I-480 and Jennings Freeway

Man hopes to give away 10,000 T-shirts

ASHTABULA, Ohio - LeBron James is celebrating his 29th birthday Monday and one fan is marking the day with a special message

James Blair, 22, of Ashtabula, is awful young to have a bucket list . He crossed one off his list when he stormed the court last season to meet his favorite basketball player LeBron James. That cost him an over night stay in jail.

Since then he has gained fame and fans from around the world.

He didn't intend for that  to happen but now is turning it into a positive situation. He wants to show LeBron that he is always welcome back.

Along with his friend Josh they have started a "COMEHOMELEBRON.COM " Campaign.

"It's more to show the fans that they still care about LeBron" said Blair.

When the Heat played the Cavs in November, Blair and a few of his friends handed out 2,000 T-shirts for the game.

At State Route 176 and Interstate 480, LeBron is going to be splashed on a billboard for a week. In February at Pearl Road and I-71 another billboard will go up -- this time for seven weeks.

Blair also hopes to hand out 10,000 T-shirts when the Heat comes back to Cleveland in March.


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