Cuyahoga Heights athlete pursues equestrian dreams

HUDSON, Ohio - This Cuyahoga Heights athlete is on his high horse. High-schooler Nicholas Swanson is an equestrian.

Why does he love it?

"The bond between you and the horse, the thrill going over the jumps just being with the horse," Nicholas said.

His arena is the Hudson Equestrian Center. Just like all the other sports, the competition is tough. He competes in regional and even national horse shows. The biggest difference between this and other sports is his teammate always has to carry him.

"You have to set him up to go over the jumps. He's the one that does all the work. You just sit up there and look nice," Nicholas said.

He said you have to be one with the horse. Being fluid and smooth is what gets you high marks from the judges.

"It takes a lot of discipline to be a good rider and to know what to do with your horse and how to take care of it and that is why most boys give it up. Nicholas has what it takes. All he has to do is keep working hard to get to the next level," said trainer Lee Cosma.

Nicholas will continue to pursue his dream at the Meredith Manor International Equestrian Center.  He'll study to become a black smith and a master rider.

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