New report says 7 Northeast Ohio beaches are among 17 with most contaminated beach water

has most polluted beach water

CLEVELAND - Out of 30 states with beaches, Ohio ranks dead last in beach water quality.

A new report by the Natural Resources Defense Council names 17 of the most contaminated beaches in America – and seven of those are in Northeast Ohio.

More than 3 million Americans get sick after visiting the beach and the reason why might just be that 10 percent of water samples from US beaches failed government standards for safety.

The Great Lakes region has the highest rate of impurities with 13 percent of all samples failing to pass government safety standards.

Statewide, 47 beaches had more than 20 percent of their samples exceed the national Beach Action Value safety threshold.

BLOG | "The problems that led to a last-place ranking last year still exist." (Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District)

Lakeview Beach in Lorain County—with 76 percent—was the worst offender in the state, followed by Bay View West (70 percent) and Whites Landing (62 percent) in Erie County, and Edgecliff Beach (62 percent), Clarkwood Beach (61 percent) and Sims Beach (61 percent) in Cuyahoga County. Ashtabula’s Lakeshore Park returned 60 percent of its samples above the safety standards.

Six more northeast Ohio beaches had 50 to 56 percent of its samples come back with unacceptable levels of contamination:

Cuyahoga – Royal Acres Beach (56 percent), Villa Angela State Park (56 percent), Moss Point Beach (53 percent), Euclid State Park (51 percent) and Noble Beach (50 percent).

Erie – Edson Creek (53 percent)

Each of the state’s beaches returned at least one sample with excessive contamination.

Anyone going to a Northeast Ohio beach can learn about advisories and closings by visiting the Ohio BeachGuard website.


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