Three sport athlete Cornasia Sandford of Maple Heights High is student athlete of the week.

MAPLE HEIGHTS, Ohio - It's time for some French at Maple Heights High School.  French class is where I found this week's student athlete sophomore Cornasia Sandford.  Cornasia is a volleyball, basketball, and softball player for the Mustangs.  But this honor student know that her academics will help her reach her goal in life.

"Not a lot of people in my family had a chance to go to college so it's something I really want to do so I have to keep my grades up to do that," said Cornasia.

Her hard work is noticed by her teachers in the classroom and her coaches in her athletics.

"Her work ethic carries from the court to the classroom so she is also a very very good student she's somebody that you want on the team because she makes everybody on the team better," said head volleyball coach Betsy Smerglia.

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