Swimmer Katie Bochnak of Perry High is athlete of the week

PERRY, Ohio - In the pool with the swim team of Perry High and Katie Bochnak. Katie has been swimming since she was three years old. The Perry Pirate is always working to improve her swimming skills.

"She works very hard when she's at practice. She gives a hundred percent and she always look for ways to improve. She'll ask for dry land. She'll ask for weight-lifting programs. Anything that she can do to help improve her stroke or her swimming," said Head Swimming Coach Trisha Dodd.

While she flies in the pool, she also excels as a member of the school show choir and ballet, maintaining a 4.3 grade point average while taking all AP classes.

"Just always make sure you have goals and to get better everyday because if you don't have goals you've got to have somewhere to go with it. And you've got to love what you are doing," said Bochnak.

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