Student Athlete of the Week: Parma High School senior soccer player Matt Faykus

PARMA, Ohio - Senior Matt Faykus of Parma Senior High School is the captain of the soccer team. And he's also on the track team. When Matt is not on the soccer field with his teammates working on his soccer skills, he is a member of the National Honor Society working hard in the classroom, which makes him a better athlete.

"Especially on the soccer field, it makes my thought process quicker to make quicker passes or decide to shoot or just relay to another player," said Matt.

Matt's hardworking attitude will help him throughout his life.

"It's one thing definitely about Matt it does not matter what he does after he graduates from high school he will be successful. Just the way he approaches life, the way he approaches school and athletics, I have a feeling he's going to be successful in life whatever passage he chooses to take," said head soccer coach Patrick Montana.

Matt's hard work in the classroom and on the soccer field makes him a McDonald's student athlete of the week.

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