Reilly Dougherty of Firestone High School is student athlete of the week

AKRON, Ohio - Junior soccer player Reilly Dougherty of Firestone High School is athlete of the week.

Reilly led the team with 17 goals and nine assists, and was named first team all district and all city most valuable player for the Falcons.

Reilly is a 4.0 student with another interest other then soccer, she likes to sing in the choir.

"Music is supposed to be for not only for the performer but for the people you are performing for. And one of the best moments is when you can sing a song that will evoke some sort of great emotion from the people that you are performing for," said Reilly Dougherty.

Reilly said she believes that performing on the soccer field and in the choir goes hand and hand.

"Success follow you in a lot of different areas if you know how to get it you can peruse mainly anything you want," said Reilly.

Congratulations to soccer player and singer Reilly Dougherty, the McDonald's student athlete of the week.

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