Pitcher Grace Hutcherson McDonald's student athlete of the week

This week, we're at softball practice with the Blue Streaks of Lake High School and senior Grace Hutcherson. Grace is the ace pitcher and outfielder for the Blue Streaks. But she is more than a pitcher.

"She not just a pitcher, she's a hitter, too. She's one of our best hitters -- she has been since she's been here. Very consistent, just like on the mound, she's a great player," said head coach Julie Boyes.

Grace is not only good on the softball field but in the classroom, as well. She's a member of student council, Latin club, physics and math club. With a 3.96 grade point average, Grace had some help with her success.

"I have awesome parents, support. My parents have always been behind me in everything. They cheer me on at softball games, encourage me to work hard, to make good grades at school and I have great teachers to help me with that, too," said Grace Hutcherson.

Grace wants to play softball in college and major in bio medical engineering.

Congratulations, Grace Hutcherson, the McDonald's student athlete of the week.

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