John Hay High School senior Raegina Hill is athlete of the week

CLEVELAND, Ohio - In the halls of John Hay High School and track practice with senior Raegina Hill.  Hill has been on the varsity track team for four years.  Raegina is an all around student and is an MVP and star athlete for the Hornets.

"She's self motivated, she's determined she's is one of the smartest person on the team she gets along with everybody.  She's a team player and a leader," said girls head track coach Carmen Priester.

Hill is also a MVP and a star in the classroom.  While holding a 4.7 grade point average, she is a member of National Honor Society, vice president of student government and a guidance counselor assistant.  Hill wants to prove that you can be successful from a Cleveland high school.

"When colleges and other school see that you are from oh Cleveland they don't do much.  For me it's to prove others wrong.  And also I want to do better for myself because I want to become a OBGYN," said Hill.

Hill's hard work has paid off because in the fall she'll be attending Dartmouth College to make her dream come true.