Diver Kayla Gartin of St. Joseph Academy is student athlete of the week.

CLEVELAND, Ohio - Ex-cheerleader becomes diver.  Junior diver Kayla Gartin of St. Joseph Academy had to give up cheerleading because of her arthritis.  Kayla had to give up many things and sports because of her arthritis but she didn't want to be on the sidelines so she joined the swim and diving team.

"I did not want it to hold me back and miss opportunities so I just fought through it and took my medication and did what the doctors told me and I just continue to fight through it cause I did not want to miss out on anything.  I wanted to enjoy my life I did not want it to hold me back," said Kayla.

And, it did not hold her back. In just six months of diving she broke the school record and became a district qualifier.

"A lot of kids in diving started at a young age and to come out as a junior and progress all the way to the district meet is really a great feet," said diving coach Tim Croy.

In the future Kayla wants to work for the F.B.I.

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