Canton McKinley High School football team is the student athlete of the week

CANTON, Ohio - Bulldog country is where I found the student athlete of the week: the Canton McKinley High School football team.

The entire team helped set up and take down over 4,800 chairs for the Football Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremony back in August.

For the past three years, they have been part of the academic All-Ohio Football Team and last year they finished in the top five football teams in the state.

Head coach Ron Johnson is teaching these young men more than football he's teaching higher academics and civic duties.

"The Xs and Os are the easy part of the job. It's important to develop these young men to become good husbands, good fathers, willing employees, to give back to the community and families as they get older," Johnson said.

And the plan seems to be working.

"It helps give you a positive image about yourself, not just 'He's a good football player.' He does good in the community and helps out whenever he can," said quarterback Tyler Foster.

"Things may not work out in football. I'll have something to fall back on: my education. I can go further in life with my education, further than football," said guard Skylelr Parks.

Congratulations to the McKinley High School football team, the McDonald's student athlete of the week.

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