Bowler from Max Hayes High School is student athlete of the week

CLEVELALND - Max Hayes Vocational High School is where we found senior bowler Nathan Lockyer when he's not knocking down bowling pins he's a automotive mechanic in training. 

Nathan has been a varsity bowler for four years leading Max Hayes to three Senate League championships, but he has a thing for fast cars.

"Be a part of a team that put that engine in there, be a part of a team to make that car go fast as it could to go out on that drag strip to be as loud as it could and fast as it can," Nathan said.

Nathan also increased the performance of his bowling team.

"He helps me as a coach to help the other bowlers he brought the whole team up to a different level this year,"  said coach Lee Browning.

Nathan has been accepted at University of Nothwestern Ohio, majoring in automotive and high performance technology.

Congradulation Nathan Lockyer the McDonald's student athlete of the week.

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