Basketball and soccer player Nicole Felice of Laurel School is athlete of the week

SHAKER HEIGHTS, Ohio - When Nicole Felice is not in class at Laurel School, she's on the basketball court, averaging 22 points, eight rebounds and nine steals a game. 

She's one of the top scorers in northeast Ohio and she's only a sophomore.  Not only does she lead the team in scoring, but she's the team leader.

Nicole is also a leader on the soccer team. She was picked to be the team captain for her junior and senior year.

"She's very strong-willed. She understands what she can do, she portrays that on the court and the other teammates follow her," said head basketball coach David Meyer.

Nicole studies hard so one day she can become a lawyer.

"A lot of law schools are tough and you need good grades to get into them. Having a good education and working hard in school will help prepare me for that," Nicole said.



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