Is EA's Madden game the best at predicting the Super Bowl winner? Sim picks Broncos over Seahawks

Eight out of the last ten. That's how many times EA Sport's Madden video game has correctly predicted the winner of the Super Bowl. The annual simulation is 8-2. 

The Cleveland Browns would kill for a record that good.

But what about this year ? Despite an early INT to everyone's favorite cornerback, Madden says Peyton Manning will lead his Denver Broncos to a 31-28 victory in a game the Seattle Seahawks forced to overtime in the closing seconds.

The game's even calling for snow .

Speaking of the weather, Madden has fared much better than Punxsutawney Phil , too, who will crawl out of his hole on Super Sunday. His sports-obsessed animal colleague, Teddy Bear the porcupine , has picked winners well lately.

Maybe you prefer predictions by people. Just don't forget we're fallible, like this guy at who guessed last August the game would be played between the Houston Texans and Atlanta Falcons.

So Madden's predictive power is nothing at which to sneeze, right?

Especially when you see how right the game has been:

- Six times, according to Yahoo! Sports , Madden has been within one point of the spread. 

- Last year , Madden correctly picked Joe Flacco as MVP and was spooky close on stats for Frank Gore and Colin Kaepernick, and it knew Ed Reed would intercept the 49ers QB.

-  In 2009, was two points off the final score and nailed Santonio Holmes’ 131 receiving yards on the button. 

Watch the highlights below or click here .

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