INTERVIEW: OSU band director Jon Waters says he wants job back

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Ohio State University's fired marching band director says he wants his job back and will keep trying to fix the culture issues that led to his dismissal.

Jonathan Waters, in an interview Monday with The Columbus Dispatch, says his July 24 firing was based on a "very flawed, very inaccurate report" of what was going within the unit.

A two-month investigation concluded Waters knew about but failed to stop a "sexualized culture" of rituals that included students marching in their underwear and performing sexually themed stunts to get explicit nicknames.

He offered to return and help rid the band of offensive traditions that he says date back decades. He'd been director since 2012.

Waters also was scheduled to be interviewed Tuesday on two national morning shows, including "Good Morning America." 

You can watch the interview with Waters in the video player above or read the text below.

Jon Waters on the findings of the report: "The fact that this report makes, that the culture is some kind of some kind of 'Animal House' culture fraternity is just not accurate."

Waters on the scope of the investigation: "The sample size was tremendously small for such an important issue as band culture."

GMA: "Do you feel were a scapegoat?"

Waters: "I think that I was the victim of a rush to judgment and a very inaccurate report."

Waters on his efforts to change band culture: "When you're dealing with a culture that is entrenched, again, since the 1930's, this does not change overnight."

Waters on the university's efforts to change band culture: "No one came to me and said the band's culture needs to change; I realized that myself."

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