Former OSU quarterback Terrelle Pryor explains reasons for leaving school

Former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor is busy preparing for the NFL, and that process took him to Florida for a visit with ESPN analyst and Super Bowl coach Jon Gruden.

During his time with Gruden—which will air on ESPN in a 1-hour special June 30— Pryor discussed his reasons for leaving Ohio State.

"I can't put no more pressure on the university and my teammates," Pryor told Gruden. "It's just not right. That's the reason why I left."

Pryor's decision to leave school came after additional reports that he sold more memorabilia and received improper benefits beyond what led to his five-game suspension for the 2011 season.

"It wasn't right for me to put all that pressure and let my teammates and the fans hear all this negativity," he said.

Pryor announced his plans to leave Ohio State two weeks after coach Jim Tressel resigned. Tressel resigned amidst growing criticism for his role in covering up Pryor and four other players getting discounted tattoos in exchange for signed memorabilia.

"Losing a great coach to this great university is just a disaster," Pryor said. "I'm very heartfelt for it, very sorry, but at the same time, I have to move on because I still have a life I have to live.

"I'm disgusted with what really went down, what had to happen to the university. I regret the fact that coach Tress had to leave and regret the fact that I had to leave. I just wish I could still be there with my teammates."

"I'm just trying to get used to it and trying to move on. It's hard for me, but it's something I have to do."

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