Buckeyes respond to Ray Small's claims

COLUMBUS - They call it a sacred brotherhood, and Ray Small might have a hard time getting back in that circle.

The former Ohio State wide receiver told the university's campus newspaper that not only did he break NCAA rules by selling Big 10 rings and getting discounted car deals, but that "everybody was doing it."

That statement prompted a strong online response from current and former Buckeyes--some questioning Small's motives and integrity, and others just asking, "why?"

Current Ohio State offensive linemen Michael Brewster made some of the most pointed statements on Twitter:

-Show me a coward and I will show you ray small

-He isn't a part of the sacred brotherhood anymore...never on time, never accountable, never sacrificed for the team. Can you trust his word?

-I made my name by hard work-blood-sweat and tears...he made his name today...by selling lies to the lantern..enough said..workout time!!

Former OSU receiver Brian Hartline tweeted, "Stop crying and lieing. . .Just bc u didn't play as much as u wanted doesn't mean u can talk now."

Mike Adams, one of the five players suspended next year for selling memorabilia in exchange for tattoos, tweeted "Crazy how people change...thanks a lot man! hope you got paid to do that interview."

Beanie Wells, a teammate with Small, tweeted, "The nerve of some cats!! It's one thing to bite the hand that feeds, but to go and lie about what u were being fed???? Really?! Smh."

Chimdi Cheka, who was recently picked in the NFL Draft, disputed Small's claims that everyone was getting car deals and selling team memorabilia. "For the record tho. "Everyone" does not include 95% of the roster. And I only say 95 cuz I can't be sure what every one does."

Current tight end Jake Stoneburner tweeted, "Whatever happened to sacred brotherhood. Smh"

In Cleveland, former Ohio State lineman LeCharles Bentley addressed the topic on his radio show on WKNR, calling Small a "coward" for how he went about making the claims. Bentley's problem was that Small never responded after the interview was published, refusing to take calls or do additional interviews.

Small has yet to respond since the article was published in The Lantern, and then become national news.

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