Live from Detroit, Kent State and Northern Illinois

DETROIT - On 4th and 8 from the 9 yard line Spencer Keith is intercepted in the EndZone. Flashes lose 44-37.

Flashes get a 1st down on a Pass Interference call on Northern Illinois

Northern Illinois starts with the ball in the 2nd overtime and score in just 2 plays on a 3-yard touchdown run by Jordan Lynch his 3rd rushing td of the night. Flashes trail 44-37.

Huskies tie the game at 37 with a field goal and we head to overtime number 2.

Kent State gets a 3 and out of the Huskies forcing a field goal.

Flashes attempt a field after failing on a reverse and a fumble. Freddy Cortez connects on a  33-yard field goal. Flashes lead 37-34.

Flashes lose the coin toss as Huskies call heads and lands heads. Kent Sttae will start overtime with the football.

Kent State forces a sack of Jordan Lynch which will send the game into overtime. tied at 34.

Kent State answers back in the final minute. Spencer Keith connects with Tim Erjavec on a 19-yard touchdown pass. Game tied at 34.

Northern Illinois responds in four plays. Jordan Lynch scores on a 9-yard touchdown run. Flashes trail 34-27

Unreal play. Kent Zach Hitchens recovers a 22 yard fumble to the end zone. Kent State scores two 2 td's in 15 seconds. Game tied at 27.

Kent State has spent a good part of the game on his back, finally lands in the end zone. Quarterback Spencer Keith a 5 yard td run. His 4th touchdown in his last 5 games. 96 yard drive. 4:53 to go in the game.

Big play near start of the fourth quarter. Kent State goes for it in the red zone and falls short. Ball over on downs. KSU's defense would hold but would get the ball upgainst the end zone. Kent State with some life. Dri Archer on a 60 yard pass down to NIU's 22.

NIU's Matt Sims 29 yard field goal gives the Huskies a 27-13 lead. 2:38 to go in the third.

18,132 at the game.

Huge play on 4 and 1, Jordan Lynch out of the shotgun, runs the Huskies down to the 4 yard line on a 43 yard run. Kent State's defense is gassed from NIU's no huddle offense. A 10 play drive ended when Lynch scored from 1-yard out. 24-13 NIU 7:26 to go in third.

Third quarter, Kent had a golden chance to get 7. But, they settle for 3 on a 24 yard field goal by Freddy Cortez. 17-13 NIU leads.

Northern Illinois was driving again with 2:13 to go in the first half. But, Kent State came up with a big interception by Leon Green. Keeps Kent State in this game in the first half.  17-10 NIU at the Break.

Northern Illinois scores again in the second quarter. A one yard run by Akeem Daniels makes it 17-10. NIU has it's first lead of the game. On a 12 play 54 yard drive. Huskies no huddle offense already looks like it is wearing down Kent State. 5:53 to go in the second.

Second quarter. A 59 yard drive by the Huskies wrapped up with a Jordan Lynch strike to Martel Moore 13 yards. Game tied at 10, 11:03 to go in the first half.

Kent State 10 NIU 3, after one quarter.

1:47 to go in the first quarter. NIU was going to run a fake punt. But, called timeout prior to the snap. They then ran a play on 4th and 3. The Huskies Jordan Lynch ran for 17 yards. Down to Kent State's 13 yard line. Matthew Sims had to kick a 27 yard field goal with 0:15 to go in the quarter. 10-3 Kent State leads.

Kent State hit a 37 yard field goal by Freddy Cortez 10-0 Kent State.

Kent State gets a big break when punter Anthony Melchiori from Aurora launched a 55 yard punt. NIU's Angelo Sebastiano puffed the punt recovered by KSU's Darius Polk .  Dri Archer then ran in a 15 yard td run. Kent State leads 7-0. Archer's 15 th TD of the year, the second best in the Golden Flashes history.

Game is underway. This crowd might look small on TV. It is really loud in here. Both teams punted on first possession. Both teams struggling early on offense early in this game.

Kent State and Northern Illinois will make history Friday night as the two Mid-American Conference schools tangle at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan. Sports Director Andy Baskin is live in Detroit and you can follow along with him during the game.

Kent State is coming off the school's best regular season in school history at 11-1.

Bowl the Orange and Sugar Bowls have representatives in Detroit for this game. Kent State is ranked 17th in this week's bowl championship standings. Northern Illinois is No. 21. No MAC school has ever played in a BCS bowl game.

Northern Illinois is the defending MAC champion. Both schools will be playing in a post season bowl game after Friday night's contest.

The Flashes feature 30 players from northeast Ohio.

KSU begins the second half with a 28 yard kick off return by Josh Boyle.

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