VIDEO: Local comedian Mike Polk Jr. takes jab at Cleveland Browns after getting payment reminder

CLEVELAND - A local comedian who has publicly vented his frustrations about the Cleveland Browns created a new video after getting a payment reminder from the team.

Mike Polk Jr., best known for his "Hastily-made Cleveland tourism video" on YouTube, posted the new video, titled "Dear The Cleveland Browns…," on Monday. The premise of the new video is him writing a response letter to the team after receiving a notification that his first season ticket payment was due.

In the 1:39 clip, Polk jokingly said he would be sending the team $2 in cash to cover what he thought was a fair price for the two pre-season games he was forced to purchase as a season-ticket holder.

He also said he didn't want to buy tickets for the last two games in the season because those who sit around him are able to purchase them online for $6.

"As to when you'll receive the remainder of my balance for the upcoming season, I'm afraid that I'll have to borrow your organization's approach – and simply demand your continue patience and loyalty to me during this difficult time. For you see, regrettably, to borrow a phrase, my checking account is in a rebuilding year."

Polk signed out the letter with, "As always, Go Browns!"

Watch the video here (or go to this page if on mobile or tablet:

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