Quarterback question already in play for Cleveland Browns

BEREA, Ohio - Here we go. The Browns rookies are ready to roll. Like the first pitch of the baseball season, the questions lofted into the Berea sunset. Is Brandon Weeden the Browns starting quarterback or do Colt McCoy and Seneca Wallace have a chance?

It took all of five questions into the season, but Browns head coach Pat Shurmur was ready for the media on Wednesday. How soon will you name a starting quarterback? 

"Good question, I was expecting that one. I have said it all along sooner is better. I want to get all of the guys out here and watch them work again. I have had a chance to go over what everybody did in the spring numerous times and I feel good about what I saw from Brandon, Colt (McCoy) and Seneca (Wallace) so I'll have some form of an announcement soon."  Shurmur responded.

If that wasn't good enough for you, the follow up questions quickly came from the the audience. Do you think it would help the team to know who the starting quarterback will be coach?

"Sooner is better than later as I have mentioned. What's important when you're practicing is that they're all working together whether it's a one or a two. If you're a guy that's most likely going to make the team and you're working with a quarterback that's going to be the starter, whether it's the first or second rep, it really doesn't quite matter." The coach replied.

Still feel like you need to know more about who is the starting quarterback? OK, here we go with the knockout punch question: Do you anticipate naming a starting quarterback before the preseason games start?

"I think so, I think it makes sense to name the starter well before the start of the season. That's probably what will happen."  The coach left us wondering even more.

Shurmur is now in his second season. His returning guys are already more confident. The head coach was too. He answered the question like a veteran congressman.

We all may know the answer, but Shurmur wasn't about to budge on day one. .

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