POLL: Can the Browns finish better in 2014 than these other perennially losing NFL teams?

Browns have worst record in NFL since 2009

CLEVELAND - Over the last ten years in the NFL, only two teams have a worse record than the Cleveland Browns: the Oakland Raiders and Detroit Lions.

The Lions became the first franchise to go 0-16 and that may be the only reason they finished the last decade of football with just ONE fewer win than the Browns.

But each team, over the last couple years, has made changes--maybe none as many as the Browns lately--and all have high hopes for the future. 

We're wondering who you think will turn it around faster. Check out the poll at the bottom.

Here are the NFL's five worst teams since 2003:

Oakland Raiders     49-111

Detroit Lions            50-110

Cleveland Browns  51-109

St. Louis Rams       51-108-1

Buffalo Bills              63-96

Which perennially losing team do you think will have a better 2014?
Cleveland Browns
St. Louis Rams
Buffalo Bills
Oakland Raiders
Detroit Lions
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