Pilot Flying J investigation: Company provides FAQ to keep community informed

KNOXVILLE - Pilot Flying J provided the media Tuesday afternoon with a list of frequently asked questions and answers.

Following the events at Pilot Flying J, there were a number of questions asked.  Information obviously is limited, but it will be our goal to keep the Pilot Flying J community as informed as possible. 

Thanks for your interest.

Q.  Who, if anyone, was handed a subpoena or search warrant?

A.  Two search warrants were served on the Pilot Flying J campus yesterday and late Monday night.   Several subpoenas were served.  It is not our place to be more specific.

Q.  What did the search warrants say?

A.  We cannot comment on specifics of the warrants, but based on what we know, the investigation appears to revolve around the application of rebates to a small group of Pilot Flying J trucking company customers.

Q.  What "ongoing investigation" is occurring?

A.   We do not know details.  Apparently, authorities are reviewing information they gathered on Monday.  Pilot Flying J is cooperating appropriately with the external investigation and conducting its own.

Q.  Was it necessary to conduct a "raid"?

A.  That's not for us to say.

Q.  Is it a "criminal" investigation?

A.  That's not for us to say.

Q.  Are the feds targeting any executives?

A.  Not to our knowledge.

Q.  Is this politically motivated?

A.  That's not for us to say.

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