Leon Bibb writes 'I ain't givin' up' on my Cleveland Browns

Browns football team will come around ... soon?

CLEVELAND - I begin this story with a note to my former English teachers. I'm going to be using some language you asked me to not use, but I need my words to hit hard. So here we go.

We ain't no easy-going town. We Clevelanders are hard-hitting people. We gotta be. 

Our Cleveland Browns are not doing well. The team is 0 and 2 for the season. The Browns have scored only one touchdown in eight quarters of football. But I ain't givin' up yet on my team because the Browns is my team.

I talked with several people in downtown Cleveland about the team and the poor showing.  Each person said he or she was still behind the team. We must be strong in that more than 70,000 fans fill up Cleveland Browns First Energy Stadium for every game.

As a kid growing up in Cleveland, I was told my father and my uncles to be tough. They didn't want me to get into fights or anything like that, but they told me not to take any guff (I'll clean up the language here) from anybody because we were not "take guff" kind of people.

Well, that's how I feel about some people who may be giving up on the hometown football team already. Yeah, I'll admit our team does not look that good on the field, but the fact that it is our team is enough to keep me supporting the guys who wear the orange and brown of the Cleveland Browns.

So don't give up on 'em yet. In fact, don't ever give up on 'em. I ain't got no other team to root for. I am a man from Cleveland, where we have made steel, cars and beer. We have helped make America strong ever since Moses Cleaveland sailed his boat across Lake Erie and turned into the Cuyahoga River. That was in 1796.  Ever since, we have been making America a stronger country.

That's what I think about when I think of Cleveland. Even my former English teachers from Cleveland schools and the state-supported university I attended would agree with me. They may show their support in straight-laced language that does not have a tinge of beer or bourbon on it, but the sentiment would be the same. 

Whether you say it with correct English, you get my meanin'. I ain't givin' up on the Browns. Now gimme another hot dog with a lot o' mustard and pop open another can of dat beer. I'm toastin' my team, the Cleveland Browns.


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