Johnny Flip-off: Steelers fan's foam finger welcome for Manziel on rookie's first trip to Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH - Browns head coach Mike Pettine said he was disappointed. Washington linebacker Brian Orakpo laughed, saying, "It was hilarious ." Now, Pittsburgh fans are immortalizing it in foam.

It's the birdie finger seen around the football world, the moment in Johnny Manziel's second professional game when he lost his cool  and flipped off his competition. 

It took less time for Pittsburgh fans to find a creative way to welcome the rookie quarterback to Heinz Field Stadium, where the Browns are set to open the season , than it's taken Pettine to name a QB starter for that game.

Of course, the (NSFW) product is just a parody but don't be surprised if some enterprising fans find a way to make the foam middle finger salute reality by September 7.  

Click here to see the foam finger but be ye forewarned: It isn't for kids or those of a sensitive nature.

The Browns take the field again on Saturday in Cleveland against the St. Louis Rams.


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