Game notes: Colts beat Browns 27-6

Fourth quarter notes-Browns back up wide outs/ Tight ends missing chances on 11th drive early but then started to impress.  Cook is impressive as a running back. Mike Edwards, Cordell Roberson, and Dominque Groom able to come up with a nice catch after dropping a pass. But, Browns stall the drive deep in the red zone. Graham his his third field goal. Looked good tonight.  Campbell looked good against Colts non-starters. Didn't get a ton of help from is weapons or offense line when he needed it.


2:57 Fourth Quarter Colts 12th drive- Colts Chandler Harnish in a quarterback. Two minute warning. Kerwin Williams with a first down run. Victory formation for Colts.

4:22 Fourth Quarter-Browns 13th Drive-Browns get ball back. Hoyer still at quarterback. Roberson misses another Hoyer pass. Hoyer pass to Cook. Not enough for first down. Tori Gurley with a punishing hit on kickoff. 

4:31 Fourth Quarter-Onside kick recovered by Browns-Browns 12th Drive.   Brian Hoyer in Cordell Roberson recovered onside kick. Then had a Hoyer pass go through his hands. It's picked off by former Brown Larry Asante. It's a pick 6. 48 yards. Colts go up 27-6

9:13 Fourth Quarter  Browns 11th drive- Campbell throws a great pass to Dan Gronkowski, and Mike Edwards both dropping passes.  Jumaine Cook, gets the ball and then hangs on to get a first down. Grounding on Campbell. Mike Edwards. Cordell Roberson with a nice catch. Duel holding call, helps Browns out. Campbell hits Dominque Groom catches a tough pass over the middle to get the Browns down to the Colts 31. Campbell to Cordell Roberson down to the 12.  3rd down and 15 from the 18 yard line after a sack. Shayne Graham  44 yard field goal. His 3rd. Jason Campbell is hurt on last play. Knee?  20-6. Colts.

12:56 Fourth Quarter Colts 11th drive- Hasselbeck to Whalen. Plus 10. Colts Kevin Meggett plus 6 on first and 10.  James Michael-Johnson nice play on Meggett. Whalen for 14 yards. He reminds me of former Colt and Clevelander Anthony Gonzales in this offense. Meggett running through Browns defense like cutting through Swiss Cheese. Plus 15. Colts fumble, Hasselbeck recovers. Colts punt.

Fourth Quarter-Still Browns ball. Campbell sacked by Caesar Rayford with a big sack, to force at 3rd and 14.

Third quarter thoughts.  If this is really a dress rehearsal than the Colts are ready to contend for the playoffs. The Browns first teamers have come back down to earth. On both offense and defense. On Browns second drive of the half. Josh Cooper is shows why he needs to be on the team. He can get a first down. He makes Weeden comfortable.  Browns first team offense had to come back out for a second series in the third quarter. They couldn't get a first down against the Colts second team defense, only get a field goal.

1:15 Third Quarter-Browns 10th Drive-Browns start at 20. Browns Jamaine Cook from YSU, Two nice runs, Second called back because of a holding call.  Campbell hits Brad Smelley on a first down pass. Campbell sacked by Caesar Rayford with a big sack, to force at 3rd and 14. 

4:15 Third Quarter-Colts 10th Drive- Hasselbeck to Griff Whalen 28 yards. Brian Sanford, who was traded to Seattle and returned after the trade with Moffitt void came back with a big play. Pass interfernce. Gets ball inside the red zone. 3 and 5 from 7 yard line. Overthrown pass. Colts Viniteri 25 yard field goal. Colts 20-3. 

5:39 Third Quarter-Browns 9th drive- Browns send Jason Campbell in at quarterback. Browns pick up 9 yards. Browns go for it on 4th down. Brandon Jackson stuffed on fourth down.

6:59 Third Quarter-Colts 9th Drive- Matt Hasselbeck in for Colts. Browns second team defense playing with some life Both Akeem Auguste and Jamoris Slaughter both with big plays. Colts punt.

11:09 Third Quarter-Browns 8th drive- Browns first team back on the field. Stuffed on first play from the 20. Weeden hits on a 8 yard pass to Josh Gordon. 3rd and 2. Weeden hits Cooper for first down. Then Weeden finds Owen Marecic. Browns get past midfield. 8;45 Defensive holding, gives Browns a first down. Down to the 43 yard line. Brandon Jackson misses swing pass on first down. Ogb picks up 4 yards. on 3 and 6, against the Colts second team defense. Cooper makes another good catch to get the first down. Browns ball at the 32. Kellen Davis was wide open, Weeden threw behind him. 3rd down. 7:26. Weeden almost picked off. Shayne Graham 50 yard field goal is good. 17-3 Indy

13:52 Third Quarter-Colts 8th drive- Colts get first flag.  Colts Donald Brown 22 yard gain. to Browns 30.. Next play plus 14 for Luck on a pass to Havili.  Donald Brown takes it down to the 8 yard line Browns defense looks soft. Browns Blitz to stop a 2nd and 4 from the Browns 8. TY Hilton. Untouched on an 8 yard touchdown pass from Luck. 17-0 Colts.

Third Quarter-Browns 7th drive-  Weeden starts half with his 7th straight misfire. Brandon Jackson plus 5. Josh Gordon drops a first down pass. Supposed to the the first teams

last drive.  Huge return by Marshay  Green on a 60 yard punt.

Second quarter thoughts-On Colts third drive, Luck walked down the field like a golfer about to win a championship on the 18th fairway on Sunday.  The Browns had 3 penalties for 23 yards. But they hurt. Still wondering how tight the refs are going to call games this year. I still feel like we haven't really seen the Browns first team defense with the pedal to the metal. Is this the real Browns offense?  Weeden 8-15 for 66 yards. Only four catches by the wide outs. Only one to a wide out not named Little. Gordon has one catch.  Browns didn't pass the Colts 42 on offense. On other side of the Ball Andrew Luck 14 of 23 for 141, 1 TD, 1 int. & catches for Reggie Wayne. 7 catches 79 yards. 

:16 to go in Second Quarter, Browns 6th drive- Browns give the ball to Brandon Jackson. HALFTIME

:55 to go Second Quarter, Colts 6th drive.   Colts 7 yard run on first play. Luck throws first down pass to Ballard. Plus he gets out of bounds. Still good pressure. :43 to go.. Luck to Reggie Wayne.  Leon McFadden wrestles him down. :38 to go  2nd and 5, Luck hit and throws to no mans land. :33 3rd and 5, TJ Ward nails Ballard to stop first down. Browns call timeout. Punt downed at 1.

1:39 Second Quarter, Browns fifth drive.  Browns in 2 min drill. First pass, nothing open. Weeden Runs plus 5 yards. 3rd and 5 yards. Weeden almost picked off.  Browns will punt.  Horrible drive. Good special teams on punt. Colts get ball on own 26 yard line.

2:38 Second Quarter, Colts fifth drive.  Colts in a the two minute drill. Two plays, first down Colts. 2:00 warning Colts ball at the Browns 45 yard  line.  Good pressure to make Luck take a big hit, and a wild pass.  Forced 3rd and 10.  Colts stall..will have to punt. Good fake out by Travis Benjamin on the punt.

3:41 Second Quarter, Browns fourth drive.  Richardson drive ball out to the four yard line.Second and 8, Weeden in end zone can't find Cameron. 3-8. Weeden had time..but couldn't find anybody. Browns punt. Lanning with a great punt. to the Colts 40.

6:23 Second Quarter, Colts fourth drive-.Luck throws long on first play. Joe Haden good defense. Colts keep picking on Skrine on third down, Reggie Wayne again. first down at the 25.  To force third and 8. For as tough of a night as Skrine has had nice play to force third down. Browns get flagged for helmet to helmet hit. I'm not sure where the penalty was. First and goal. Good pressure.  Then on second and goal. Tashaun Gipson with the interception. Great pressure by Paul Kruger. Browns ball at the Colts 3.

8:08 Second Quarter, Browns third drive.  Weeden starts the drive with a bullet shot down the middle to Gordon. Plus 15 yards. Under presser, Weeden tosses ball into stands. Richardson plus 6. Browns on 3rd and 7. Weeden hits Gordon for a first down. Mitchell Schwartz tagged with a personal foul. Play under review.  Colts get ball back.

12:48 Second Quarter. Colts third drive.   Luck to Darrius Heyward-Bey for 14 yards. Luck no problem again. 14 more yards to Reggie Wayne. Ball down to Browns 39 yard line. Luck on the keep. Swing pass from Luck to Wayne. Craig Robertson had to hustle to get him. Ball on 16. Luck runs to the 10 yard line. Luck 6 yard pass to Heyward-Bey.. Luck a 3 yard touchdown pass to Stanley Havili.  10-0 Colts. 8 plays, 66 yards 4:39. . 

Second Quarter-Still Browns second drive.  3-6, Weeden on a great pass to Greg Little., Little with a great move to pick up 14 yards. Weeden throws the ball down fied to Gordon on first down incomplete. Drive stalls. Spencer Lanning brutal 29 yard punt. Colts will get the ball at the

First Quarter

Thoughts- Richardson looks good.  3 carries and 22 yards. I've seen enough of Trent tonight. I'm looking forward to seeing the defense during the regular season. Weeden has hit one wide out in the first quarter, would be nice to see him throw the ball down the field.

:03 First Quarter-Browns second drive. Browns start at the 15. Weeden hits Greg Little on a 4 yard pass.

3:50 First Quarter- Colts second drive- Luck comes firing on a 13 yard pass to move past the Colts 20.Browns just miss a sack, Luck cuts back across the middle, to Wayne. Skrine a step off.  2 and 6 from 38.. Rubin, Kruger, Jackson stop Ballard. 3 and 5, from Colts 39. Wayne almost made a great catch. But, TJ Ward good pressure. Punt.

Browns first drive-Richardson run to start drive. Then a swing pass to Richarson with a sweet move to avoid tackle for first down. Richardson gets the ball again. Richardson runs again. Another first down. Browns go to Jordan Cameron for a two yard pass. Nice dive block by Richardson. Browns go to Richardson again. Holding on Joe Thomas. (soft call) 2 and 18. Weeden to Chris Ogbonnaya pick up of 5. 3rd and 13. Weeden throws short of the first down to Cameron. On 4 and 8, Browns punt. 

We are underway in Indianapolis. Browns give up a 38 yard return on opening kickoff. 

Colts first drive-Paul Kruger comes up with

sack, to force at 2 and 13. But Andrew Luck hit Reggie Wayne on the next play to pick up 13 yards. Big play on this drive. Colts keep drive rolling. 13 yard run by Colts Vick Ballard gets ball to the 17. D'Qwell Jackson pushes Ballard back for 5 yard loss.  2 and 15. On third down the Browns contain Luck on third down. Forces a 23 yard field goal by Adam Vinatieri. Colts 3-0    10 plays 46 yards 4:06

The starters are expect to play into the third quarter. Running back Trent Richardson probably won't see that much time.

Reports say wide outs Davone Bess (knee), David Nelson (knee) and Jordan Norwood (hamstring) are all out for tonight's game,  K Branon Bogotay (groin),  RB Monartio Hardesty (knee) , CB Chris Owens (foot) , CB Trevin Wade (shoulder) , RB Dion Lewis (broken leg) , LB Barkevious Mingo (lung)

The roof at Lucas Oil Stadium will be open for tonight's game.


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