Fans at Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton react to Manziel's obscene gesture during preseason game

CANTON, Ohio - Fans at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton had mixed reactions after Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel made headlines for all the wrong reasons Monday night.

He didn't have a good night throwing the football, and to make matters worse, he raised his middle finger towards the Washington Redskins sideline after a play in the third quarter.

After the game, Manziel admitted he "should have been smarter."

At the HOF on Tuesday, football followers like Joey Borg of Toronto couldn't have agreed more with Manziel's post-game assessment of himself.

"I can understand losing your cool, but to that extent on national television when you have half of the country watching you, it's kind of ridiculous," Borg said.

However, Gus Mackey, a volunteer, believes Manziel deserves a pass for his indiscretion.

"He's a young quarterback and he has a lot to learn, but they're going to be able to groom him to be what they want him to be be, so it's just things he had to learn. He'll be okay," Mackey said.

Heather Cebulla, of Hiram, visited the hall of fame with her 12-year-old son Mason.

Heather said Manziel needs to understand that he's a role model for children and they watch his actions on the field closely.

She talked with her son about how inappropriate Manziel's gesture was and her message got through to Mason.

"He should have more sportsmanship on the field. It doesn't matter if you win or lose," he said.

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