Cleveland fan throws his hat in the ring to be next Browns head coach

CLEVELAND - Is this a joke or is this person for real?

A Cleveland fan has posted an ad on Craigslist that lists his "qualifications" and "plans" as a potential Cleveland Browns head coach. 

He writes, "Everyday I read about another coaching candidate who instead of showing interest in coaching the team, wants to pull his name out of the race. Therefore I have decided to throw my hat in as a potential candidate."

He lists his qualities as being a decisive leader, never playing or coaching anything other than pickup football games, an avid Madden player, someone who can bring in a staff that will want to coach the team for a small fee, and his bachelor's and master's degrees in accounting. (He did say he did not know how his degrees would relate to a head coach position.)

"Things I plan to do:

Bring in a Quarterback younger than myself (I am 27)
Bring in players who can catch a football from said quarterback
Bring in players who do not tweet photos of illegal substances
Bring back Phil Dawson
Pay Josh Gordon whatever he wants... if he can do it with Weeden/Campbell, imagine what he could do with an NFL QB."

Would you choose this person as a good candidate to be the next Cleveland Browns coach?

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