"To Chip Kelly or no tp Chip Kelly?" Fans weigh-in

A buzz at Browns camp equaled a buzz at the bars in Cleveland on Friday night!  Fans were talking about rumors of Chip Kelly possibly becoming the next Browns head coach.  What did people out at the bars Friday have to say about it?

"I don't like it," said Eliot Rose, "because you see what Nick Saban did with Miami, how he did the college … they just left him and they sucked, they sucked for years!"

That was the only "no" reaction of the night as Browns fans answered questions on whether or not they were happy to hear Chip Kelly could be the next head coach.  For the most part, it was exciting news for those celebrating the start to their weekend.

"We needed a little change.  We needed to switch it up.  I think it's a good thing," said Casey Feran. 

Drew Leggett said, "Really, I think it was the best decision we have, so...," and then he gave a shrug.

Kate Bliss laughed saying, "Oh we were just talking about that!  I guess he has the same birthday as Bernie Kosar so maybe it's good luck charm, bad luck charm, I don't know I have no idea!"

But most are hoping it'll mean a hot streak for the Browns next season, which some joked may save fans from drinking every time the Brown and Orange lose.  To this Kevin Swaidner said, "It does make the sorrows go away a lot easier!"

At this point, most agreed with Lisa Burson, who said, "Whatever works!  Whatever works to get us to win it, doesn't matter to me."

But still, not all were on the same page.  Eliot Rose stuck to his "NO" Friday and said, "We need a veteran coach who actually knows how to coach an N.F.L. team,  not some like college or offense coordinator.  We need like an Andy Reid person."

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