Browns player dealing with "Lebron Like" fame

BEREA. Ohio - Lebron James is fighting to win his third straight NBA championship. Cam Henderson is fighting to make the Cleveland Browns roster. So, what does those two have to do with the one another?

The two men have never met but for Cam Henderson the two guys are closer then he would like. Henderson, a first year player out of Central Florida, is constantly mistaken for the NBA superstar.

"I was in Walmart the other day and these two girls were going crazy thinking I was Lebron and asking me for my autograph so I signed it Cam Henderson Cleveland Browns," Henderson said.

Henderson has enough worries trying to live out his dream of playing in the NFL, this is another pressure he can thank teammate Phil Taylor for.

Three weeks ago Taylor told Henderson he looked like Lebron. Taylor then started calling the younger player by that name and now everybody, coaches included, have started doing the same thing.

"I have excepted it, Phil Taylor wouldn't let it go, so I'm like ok, ok, I'm Lebron," Henderson said.

Henderson is also learning from Taylor on the field, the first year player from Central Florida is making the most of this opportunity and as for the whole look alike thing with Lebron?

"I will have a whole new look when I come back, you won't even recognize me," Henderson said.