Browns owner Jimmy Haslam anxious to bring Super Bowl title to Cleveland

CLEVELAND - Brandon Weeden and Trent RIchardson may get most of the headlines. But the most important first-year Cleveland Brown may be one who will never get onto the field.

Jimmy Haslam has been shaking a lot of hands since buying the Browns. 

"I was up here a week ago and I was downtown seeing a businessman and I walked in a building, had on a suit, by myself. There's a 70-year-old security guard standing there. I went up to him to ask directions and before I could ask he said, 'Jimmy, when are we going to start winning?' and that's typical," Haslam said.

The 58-year-old Tennessee billionaire said he has a big appetite for winning and gets that Browns nation is starving for a winner.

"The fan support blows me away. When we found out that it was Cleveland available, we knew it was an NFL franchise, we did some checking. Everyone said great football community, but you cannot describe it,"  said Haslam.

Browns fans are quickly learning Haslam is not afraid to show his emotions. During the Colts game on Oct. 21, Haslam was seen on camera upset with a dropped touchdown pass. He said competitiveness is in his blood.

"We're all in-type people. So probably, to a fault, we get involved. But we want to win. I'm a fan, too," Haslam said,

Jimmy and his wife, Dee, are major benefactors of the University of Tennessee and said they will immerse themselves in northeast Ohio and be heavily-involved in local charities. After spending a reported $1 billion to buy a team rich in tradition, Haslam promises the Browns are staying in Cleveland permanently.

"I will look you right in the eye, there's no chance we ever move the Browns. This is a great football community.  All we have to do is win.  If we win, it will be unbelievable,"  Haslam said.

An unbelievable feeling worth every penny for Jimmy Haslam.

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