Browns Norv Turner headlines Akron Backers

Akron, Ohio - New Browns offensive coordinator Norv Turner was the featured speaker at the Akron Browns backers event at Tangiers in Akron.

Turner talked to the media before the event.  The Browns added St. Ignatius grad Brian Hoyer last week. He becomes the Browns fourth quarterback. Brandon Weeden, Jason Campbell, and Thaddeus Lewis are also  on the roster.

"There have been more stories written about Brian Hoyer being a Brown over the last 4 months than probably any player in history," Turner said.  "He was released and was available. He's a guy that's been with some good teams in backup situations. He's played very little football but I think we do like his skillset."

When asked who will be in what role next season Turner had an easy answer, after all he's not the head coach.  "That's not my job anymore."

"I'm going to coach those guys and give my opinion," Turner said. "I think that you need to go with 3 quarterbacks. I think if you don't you're playing with fire."

"It's too valuable of a position and you need quarterbacks."Most of the media have been waiting to hear something truly positive about Weeden. I sounds like Turner is excited about taking him under his wings.

"We've actually had 3 practices where we've been able to go against our defense," Turner said. "So it's hard for the opinion that you initially have to change over 3 practices. He's got a big arm, he's very intelligent, makes good decisions, he throws the ball up the field the way we would like to but he's very accurate underneath.

"He's like all of our guys; he's learning a new system. We have a lot of work to do, all of us – coaches, players, quarterbacks but I think we've made progress over the last 7 weeks."

"I would not talk about system with any guy," Turner said. "Good players play. They play in any system, and they play when they're comfortable. What happened to Brandon, Brandon was in here with a very young group of guys. So when you have a lot of young guys and they're trying to feel their way together, I think it's hard. I think all those guys having a year together, including Brandon, will help him a great deal."



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