Browns introduce Norv Turner as Browns offensive coordinator

BEREA, Ohio - The Cleveland Browns introduced the first member of Rob Chudzinski's coaching staff on Wednesday morning at the teams headquarters in Berea, offensive coordinator Norv Turner.

"I'm extremely excited to be part of the Cleveland Browns," Turner said. "New ownership, new leadership in all areas. Certainly my relationship with Rob is a big part of the reason I wanted to be here."

This marks the second time Turner and Chudzinski have worked together. Chudzinski served as Turner's offensive coordinator with the San Diego Chargers from 2009 thru 2010. This time around the roles will be reversed.

"To me this is incredible to have an opportunity to be here," Turner said. "I took a lot of time to decide what I wanted to do in terms of the next phase of my career. With an opportunity to be with Rob and help him and coach for him, it's just an exciting opportunity for me."

One big question all Browns fans want to know was answered right at the beginning of the press conference. Turner will be calling the plays. Chud will be involved in overseeing the play calling, but Norv will call the plays on game day.

"We talked through it and we started with what we were going to call things," Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski said. "Norv's been one of the best play callers in the league for a long time. It was just a matter of getting too that, sitting down and working through the process of defining what the Browns offense is going to be."

Turner will also serve as the Browns quarterbacks coach. He's looking forward to working with Brandon Weeden but won't cast any judgments on the second year quarterback at this point. Turner has not had a chance to meet with Weeden and has just started looking at tape of the Browns signal caller.

"I'm always reluctant to be too quick to evaluate a young player. Turner commented." "Brandon is a young player in terms of his experience. He did good things in the game when we played and he did good things in the games that we evaluated getting ready for that game. The thing that I really liked when I started talking to Rob and looked at personnel, Rob and I have both been fortunate to be with young players and help to develop young players. For me to give you a big evaluation of Brandon Weeden would not be fair."

Turner is also looking forward to working with the offensive line and seeing what running back Trent Richardson can do in the offense they plan to run. Turner has had the luxury of coach five running back who have lead the league in rushing during his coaching career.

"I got to see Trent first hand, he made an amazing explosive run against us in that game here in October," Turner said. "He's an impressive young player and I've been fortunate through most of my stops to be with outstanding running backs."

Turner went on to say that Cleveland is where he wanted to be and that's all that mattered to him.

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