Browns GM Tom Heckert talks draft with Cleveland media

BEREA, Ohio - Browns GM Tom Heckert met with the media Thursday for 45 minutes in the Browns annual pre-draft media question and answer session.

The Browns have the fourth and 22nd pick in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft. The team acquired the second draft pick as part of a 2011 deal with the Atlanta Falcons.

There are plenty of holes on both sides of the football. The past two years, under the control of Heckert and Browns President Mike Holmgren, the team has opted for two defensive players, Phil Taylor and Joe Haden.

Cleveland has one pick each in the second and third rounds.

Here are some highlights of what Heckert said:

Heckert on possibly trading the pick: Heckert says the team is extremely excited to have the No. 4 pick. There is a lot of speculation as to who the team is going to take.

Heckert adressed a lot of different scenarios with the draft a week away.

Heckert on first round picks: "If you draft a kid that early, you'll probably want him to start." Heckert went on to talk about the pressure on getting the No. 4 pick right. "There is a lot of pressure from the media, fans and it's my job to make sure we get it right."

Heckert on quarterbacks: "In a perfect world you always want to draft a quarterback. If you think there's a guy out there who can be a starter why not take a chance on him?"

Heckert on starters: Last year, seven players the Browns drafted saw significant playing time, I asked Tom Heckert if there was a pre-conceived number as to how many starters he would pick through this draft? Heckert replied, "A lot of it (picking players who start) is luck every year. You would like to get five starters but that doesn't always happen. You hope to get starters through the first three rounds."

The Browns are a very confident team going into this draft, knowing any number of players they have rated as first-round picks will be there at No. 4.

Will they keep the pick? All indications are if you judge by the overall tone, I think they will and they will look to pick an offensive player.

Tom Heckert said the team "needs players who can score points." That would lead you to believe Alabama running back Trent Richardson or Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon are the top two rated players on the Browns draft board.

I have covered every draft since the Browns have come back to town and I can tell you from experience, always expect the unexpected on draft day.

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