Browns defend Colt McCoy concussion procedures

BEREA, Ohio - The NFL is expected to send doctors to Cleveland Tuesday to meet with the Browns and their medical staff.

They will try and find out if the Browns medical staff actually tested Quarterback Colt McCoy for a concussion after he took a helmet to helmet hit from Pittsburgh's linebacker James Harrison.

McCoy was absent from practice on Monday, because of the controversial concussion he suffered during the Steelers game on Thursday.

Harrison drilled McCoy's facemask with his helmet, sending him flat on his back. He stayed down on the field for a few minutes and returned to the game shortly after.

There's concern McCoy was checked for a bruised hand after the hit from Harrison and not a concussion.

The Browns said they administered proper concussion testing procedures before they sent him back into the game. However, ESPN's Chris Mortensen said the proper test was not conducted until Friday morning.

After Monday's practice, head coach Pat Shurmur maintained his team's medical staff followed NFL guidelines clearing McCoy to return to the game.

Meanwhile, Harrison is facing league penalties and possibly a suspension. The NFL is expected to make a decision sometime Tuesday. Harrison maintains that his hit on McCoy was legal.

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