Report: Browns to interview CFL offensive guru Marc Trestman for head coach job

CLEVELAND - The Browns will be interviewing CFL head coach Marc Trestman in Chicago Monday, according to ESPN Radio Cleveland .

Trestman is the head coach of the CFL's Montreal Alouettes.

So, who is Marc Trestman?

Trestman is smart, football savvy, and he is considered a genius when it comes to offense and quarterback play.  Plus, he knows how to win.  In five years in Montreal, Trestman has coached the Alouettes to the CFL Eastern Division Final four times, and to the Grey Cup Championship twice. When you consider the CFL is primarily a passing league, Trestman's innovative approach to the aerial game may be just what it takes to turn Brandon Weeden into the quarterback Browns fans hope he can be.

If you are worried about Trestman's other experience, he has been a coach and coordinator in the NFL before.  He has served as offensive coordinator in San Francisco and here in Cleveland. He was the offensive mastermind behind the Browns prolific pass offense under Bernie Kosar in the late 80s. In addition, Trestman is considered a quarterback expert and he has worked with a number of quarterbacks in personal sessions.  One of those quarterbacks is Brandon Weeden.

In Canada, he has resurrected the career of quarterback Anthony Calvillo. 

Calvillo was nearing the end of his career and struggling until Trestman came along. He has passed for more than 5,000 yards three times in the past five seasons, thrown for more than 30 touchdowns in three of those five, and 40 touchdowns in another. Calvillo credits Trestman with revitalizing his career.

The Browns are not alone in considering Trestman. The Chicago Bears are reportedly going to interview him.  One catch may be Trestman's newly signed deal with Montreal. However, it has been reported by the CBC that Trestman most likely has an escape clause if an opportunity with the NFL presents itself.

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