Browns Backers in Garfield Heights react to potential sale

GARFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio - Browns Backers in Garfield Heights said Friday they're ok with the potential sale of their team to Tennessee businessman Jimmy Haslam.

"As long as he can bleed brown and orange, that's all that matters," chapter president George Coles said.

Coles and other Browns Backers gathered at Playmakers Sports Grille Friday night, hours after the announcement that Browns owner Randy Lerner was in negotiations with Haslam. 

"We've changed coaches. We've changed staff. We've changed players and it's been the same result," Browns Backer Dan Veto said. "What's the next common denominator? The owner. What have we got to lose at this point?"

Fans were surprised by the announcement, but most seem to embrace the opportunity for change.  It helps knowing that regardless of the owner, the Browns will stay in Cleveland.

"I'm excited," Coles said, "because maybe just a change of opinion of the biggest man at the top will make a difference as to how we go."

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