Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden eager for second preseason start

BEREA, Ohio - Brandon Weeden's preseason debut with the Browns Friday did not produce the prettiest of numbers, but even the rookie quarterback admits his first preseason game numbers "were skewed."

Weeden was just three for nine against the Lions with an interception and a fumble but that hasn't got the rookie down at all as he prepares himself for Green Bay.

"I'm excited to get back out there and correct the mistakes I made last week," said Weeden. " The mistakes I made were so small that they're easy fixes. I work on them every day after practice now."

The rookie quarterback looked sharp in an indoor practice Tuesday due to the weather. Weeden said he feels his timing with his receivers is coming along and he looks forward to the extended playing time on Thursday.

" That's the tough part of only playing 15 snaps because you're not really getting into the flow of the game. As a quarterback, you like to get into the flow and the rhythm of the game and get going," said Weeden.

The Browns first round pick will have plenty of time to get it going on Thursday night as head coach Pat Shurmur has already said the first unit will play the first and half and maybe even the beginning of the third quarter depending on how many snaps they got in the first half.

The Browns' first round draft pick said all the right things about his preseason debut, mentioning that Pat Shurmur "has a plan and I'm not worried about it" and it works for him. He was also asked about some of his other fellow rookie quarterbacks and the games they had last week, including Colts rookie Andrew Luck who threw a touchdown pass on his first pass play, even if it was a 3-yard screen that turned into a 62-yard touchdown.

"Every situation is different, Luck threw a little 3-yard pass and gets a touchdown on the first play, which I won't even talk about that one," Weeden said with a big smile on his face.

Brandon Weeden already sees and understands the big picture. He is following the plan the Browns have for him and he becomes more relaxed with each and every snap he takes.

Maybe this week, the other NFL quarterbacks will be talking about the game he had on Thursday night against the Packers.


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