Baskin's Blog: Enjoy the moment of Cleveland Browns winning streak

CLEVELAND - Go to Google and type in the phrase "Browns 0-16," you will find plenty of folks that didn't the think the Browns would win one game.

The Browns are 5-8.

This is a team that started the season off 0-5, and it looked like the Browns might live out your worst nightmare, Browns fans. But, something funny happened over the next few weeks. They started winning. Four of the next six, five of the next eight games.

If you can take your foot off the "chance everything now pedal," the Browns are improved in every aspect of the game, from just one year ago.

They have a monumental task trying to win the last three games. Home against Washington, then on the road at Denver and Pittsburgh. 

But, consider this, if the Browns can beat the Redskins at home in Week 15, that means they could still be alive in the playoff hunt into Week 16 (pending a Week 15 loss by either the Bengals or Steelers).

Looking at a team, they have a second-year head coach and 26 players who have less than two full years of experience. Plus, the Browns didn't have Phil Taylor or Joe Haden in the start of the season. They also lost two starting linebackers.

I'm not sure where the Browns are headed. It feels like the right direction. The next three games will tell the tale of what the future holds.

The one thing I do know is that we need to enjoy the fact this team has won some games. Mistakes have been made all the way around. As fans, it's hard to remember how to feel during a winning streak.

For at least one week, I want to enjoy the fact the Browns are still in the hunt. No matter how slim it looks. Anything is better than 0-16.

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