Baskin's Blog: Browns win 7-6 over Chargers

CLEVELAND - The Browns are undefeated now in the Jimmy Haslam era.That is because Haslam's check for 700 Million officially cleared this week.

It's a fun way to look at a season that has been full of more downs than ups. It was not pretty but the Browns defense did not allow a touchdown. A win is a win.

The Browns rode Trent Richardson for 124 yards on a nasty windy day on the shores of Lake Erie. 7-6 is the final. The Browns have now won two straight games at Cleveland Browns Stadium.

2:46 to go. Reggie Hodge's punt is muffed by Eric Weddle. Chargers ball at the 12 yard line. Rivers hits Antonio Gates, and Ronnie Brown with a run. Chargers at the Browns 24, with 2:00 to go. After an incomplete pass. Rivers hits Ronnie Brown. Ball on Chargers 41 yard line. 1:49 to go. Rivers hits Brown again. Ball on Browns 46. 1:39 to go. On 2nd and 10, Browns get great pressure on Rivers. Brings up 3 down 10, 1:30 to go. On 4th and 10,From the Browns 44 yard line. The Browns need one more defensive play to win. Rivers pass to Malcom Floyd is tipped by Buster Skrine.  Browns win.

Chargers return the favor. Pinning the Browns back up against the three yard line. Browns have 97 yards to go to get a touchdown with 7:37 to go.  6:51 to go in the game. The Browns burn the second time out of the half on 2nd and 6 from the 7 yard line. Again nothing comes after the time out. Weeden almost threw a pick-6. Browns throw a swing pass to Richardson on 3rd and 6. He picked up 12 yards. Followed up by a 14 yard pass to Ben Watson. Browns are moving on a pitch out to Richardson again, pick up of 4. Richardson ripping off the yards now a 13 yard carry. 118 yards for Richardson so far. Scary moment at the midfield. Montario Hardesty fumbled and recovered his own fumble. Weeden gave himself up on 3rd and 6 going into a slide. How was at that not a personal foul? 

First play of the 4th quarter. Nice special teams play by Johnson Bademosi. Browns finally in a spot to get good field position, if they hold. Browns with a big 3 down and 4 to go from the 35 yard line. They complete the Rivers to Floyd. Chargers about to enter Browns side of the field. Browns again on a 3 down 9 with a chance to stop San Diego. Make that at 3 and 14 after a Chargers false start. Ball on S.D. 45. Joe Haden came up with a good play to break up a target at Meachem.

Browns start to drive. Browns on the Chargers 34. Browns opt to call time out. Chargers come up with the sack. end of the third quarter.

Even on a short field situation. The Browns hold the Chargers to another Nick Novak field goal this one for 31 yards. 7-6. Chargers. Third quarter.

Richardson has passed the 100 yard mark for the day. But the Browns can't get the ball out of Chargers territory. After another Hodges punt with 7:09 to go. The Chargers have great field position again.

Today's attendance 65,337.  Each person still sitting here deserves 4 free pre-season games next year. It's brutal weather.

Sloppy play continues for the Browns. Chargers have the ball at the 50 with 9:40 to go in the third quarter. In a game of field position. This could be a key drive. Wow the Chargers had a touchdown. Phillip Rivers had Robert Meachem wide open at the Browns 20. Meachem dropped the pass with nothing between him and the Dawg Pound. Browns dodge a huge bullet.

Second half is underway. Browns struggle on first series. It's nasty outside. At this rate no matter what the score. This game might be played in front of the media by the end of the game.

Double script Ohio for the faithful at Browns stadium. In the rain, they leave the Ohio imprint on the field. You will be able to see it clear as day. When they return for second half.

After sleepwalking through the first half. The Chargers get something cooking before halftime. They run a 10 play 55 yard drive down to the the Browns 22 yard line. San Diego kicks a 43 yard Nick Novak field goal as the half comes to an end. 7-3 Browns lead

Ohio State marching band lies the sidelines in front of Dawg Pound before halftime.

The Browns ran two straight perfectly executed crossing routes, followed by Trent Richardson looking like a Rock'em Sock'em Robot that won't go down. If he is playing hurt. He is not showing signs of it today. So far he has showed no signs of being hurt, and Pat Shurmur is calling plays to get him going before he stalls out at the line of scrimmage. Browns walk away with nothing on this drive

Browns defense is playing well. After the first drive of the game, the defense has really settled in. Rivers does not look comfy in the pocket, defense is getting good pressure. Chargers look unsettled today, nothing is crisp. They look like they are still feeling the hangover of the loss to the Broncos before San Diego's bye week.

Browns ball on Chargers 45 yard line after a bad punt by San Diego. Montario Hardesty in the game for Trent Richardson. Tough break. Browns had a perfect screen set up for Chris Ogbonnaya. He dropped it. Ugh. 

Second quarter. Browns get

a sack on Phillip Rivers, by Billy Winn. D'Qwell Jackson with a nice stop, set up a 3rd and 16. After a pass that was almost picked off by Usama Young. The play was as a really bad choice by Rivers. He just lobbed it up in the air. 

The Browns get the ball back on a sloppy double reverse. After a fumble recovered by the Browns on the last play of the first quarter. Browns end up with a 3rd and 24. Browns end up punting.

First turnover of the game. Ryan Matthews fumbled for the Chargers. James-Micheal Johnson with the strip Billy Winn on the recovery. 

Browns second drive. Good to see Josh Cribbs get a catch, still it was a quick 3 and out for the Browns.

Chargers second drive. So far so good for Pat Shurmur. He gets a fourth and one. He also wins a challange on a 6 yard pass that was called inbounds, but was reversed.

Browns first drive, Browns go right to Trent Richardson on a short pick up. On third down the Browns keep the drive a live on a defensive holding call. Richardson might have battered ribs, but had some zing on an 8 yard run. Browns get a second third down on an 11 yard pitchout to Richardson. Tricky play gets the Browns to 4 and 1. This week. Pat Shurmur to the fans delight will goes for it. Weeden leaned forward to get the first down. Weeden was 3-6 for 17 yards passing in the first quarter.

Trent Richardson scored on an amazing 26 yard touchdown run. At one point on the run, Browns guard Shawn Lauvao blocked and pushed him forward ton the 4 minute plus drive. Browns lead 7-0 in the first quarter. Richardson 57 yards in the first quarter on 8 carries.

Turf already a factor, Joe Haden slipping on a pass from Philip Rivers to Malcolm Floyd.  The Chargers using Ryan Mathews to carry the load on the first drive. Chargers go for it in 4 and 1 from the Browns 30. The Browns stop Jackie Battle. In a 10 play 51 yard drive. It was the first play the Browns stopped positive yardage.

Rain and 47 degrees to start this game.

Browns wearing Brown uniforms. This is the first official game in the Jimmy Haslam era. His 700 million dollar check cleared earlier this week.

Ohio State marching band performed the national anthem. Hope turf is in good enough shape for "Script Ohio" at halftime.

Wet sloppy field for the Browns and Chargers today. Interesting on a day where the track will be muddy, Head Coach Pat Shurmur placed both Brandon Jackson and Owen Marecic on the inactive list. The Browns will try to ride the Trent Richardson train today despite his injured ribs.

Browns inactives for today's game. Mohamed Massaquoi, Dimitri Patterson, Brandon Jackson, Tashaun Gipson, Owen Marecic, Ahtyba Rubin, Jarrod Shaw.

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