2011 NFL Draft: Keeping tabs on the Cleveland Browns picks

CLEVELAND - NewsChannel5's Mike Cairns will have the latest from the Browns war room during the 2011 NFL Draft, which kicks off at 8 p.m. Thursday. Check back for updates.

11:31- Taylor will be in town to meet the media tommorrow afternoon. I will be live from Berea with the latest and full coverage of Rounds 2 and 3 for the Browns.

11:25- Coach Shurmur said the Browns will start off season program on Monday

11:14- Shurmur says Taylor can come in and start right away.

11:12- Shurmur and Heckert at the Podium right now.

11:05- Taylor compares himself to Vince Wolford

11:01- Taylor thought the Browns would draft him when they dropped back in the draft.

11:00- Phil Taylor on what he does well. Quote: I stop the run man. Thats what I do.

10:54- Setting up Conference call with Phil Taylor here in Berea.

10:39- Taylor earned All-American honorable mention and All Big Twelve Conference second team last year.

10:36- Some Info on Phil Taylor. Kicked off the Penn State Football team. Sat out 2008 season. Transferred to Baylor. Played Nose Guard. Had seven stops behind the line of scrimmage last year, all of them in the red zone.

10:30- Waiting on Browns GM Tom Heckert to break down trades and picks. Conference call with Phil Taylor coming up here in 20 mins.

10:23- Browns Give up 1st and Third round picks for Phil Taylor.

10:18- Browns Take Phil Taylor DT Purdue

10:17- Browns and Chiefs Trade!!! Browns on the clock

10:12-Adrian Clayborn to Bucs with #20

10:03- Sorry Browns Fans, The Prince is gone to the Giants.

9:55-Corey Liuget goes to Chargers at #18

9:49- Nate Solder goes #17 to Patriots

9:42- Redskins Pick Ryan Kerrigan

9:34- Mike Pouncey to Dolphins with 15th pick.

9:28- Robert Quinn to Rams with 14th Pick

9:20-Nick Fairley to Lions. Great Pick at #13

9:18- Another QB Goes. Christian Ponder FSU to Vikings

9:09-J.J. Watt to Texans

9:05- Jags and Skins swap spots. Jags take Gabbert at #10

8:55- Dallas Picks Tyron Smith

8:49- Feeling here, the Browns may be packing the 5 picks from Atlanta in some way to move up from #27.

8:42-Aldon Smith goes to 49ers

8:37- Browns receive Atlanta's First,2nd,4th round picks this year and Next years 1st and 4th round picks. Five picks in all.

8:35- Julio Jones Going to Atlanta

8:33. Browns Trade Pick to Falcons. Falcons have #27 in the first round.

8:30- Peterson gone to Arizona. Browns on the clock. Bowers is still out there, so is Jones, so is Nick Fairley.

8:27-Feeling here in Berea If Peterson goes here, the Browns might be trading down.

8:24- A.J. Green Gone to Bengals. Will Peterson still be there at #6?

Hey Browns Fans. So Far so Good. Will the Bengals Take a QB?

8:20-Bills Take Marcell Dareus. 

8:15- Bills on the clock. Three picks away from the Browns.

8:13- Broncos Select Vonn Miller LB-Texas AM

8:12-Broncos on the clock. all quiet here in Berea so far.

8:06- Panthers pick Cam Newton-Auburn

8:00- Carolina you are on the clock.

7:12- How cool is this Browns Fans, Peyton Hillis will announce the teams first round pick tonight. Paul Warfield will announce the 2nd round pick tomorrow.

7:01- Food has arrived for the Media mass here in Berea. The Browns will bring in there first round pick/picks tommorrow.

6:45. : Browns GM Tom Heckert popped his head in the media room here in Berea and said the Browns have talked to 6 or 7 teams about trading the 6th pick tonight. Stay Tuned.

6:20 p.m.: In the Browns new West Coast offense, Reggie Rucker said the team needs playmakers. He said Georgia wide receiver A.J. Green is NFL-ready. He has the wide, speed and tenacity to, most importantly, catch the ball in any situation. LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson has all the intangibles and is ready to play right now, Rucker said.

5:50 p.m.: The Browns have the number 6 pick overall, if they decide to keep it. There are always rumors that they could trade down, but none of those are confirmed.

5:30 p.m.: NewsChannel5 Browns analyst Reggie Rucker said the Browns need to draft an offensive player, either A.J. Green or Julio Jones, both are wide receivers. "Either way, it's offense first," Rucker said.

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