'What's not to like?' Nick Gilbert starts new Cleveland mantra

Team owner's son coins Cleveland's new saying

CLEVELAND - Nick Gilbert, son of Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, turned on smiles across America on Tuesday night when he was interviewed at the NBA Draft Lottery.

"You're the ambassador for the National Children's Tumor Foundation and you've been dealing with a nerve disorder since you were born," began ESPN reporter Heather Cox. "Your dad called you his own personal hero. How's that make you feel?"

Fourteen-year old Nick, in his Buddy Holly-style glasses and bow tie, seemed to be taking the question very seriously before answering.

"Well, I mean, what's not to like?" he replied with a wry grin.

Dan Gilbert and others in the crowd were shown laughing. It was a statement that cut through the tension of waiting for which NBA team would be awarded the top pick in next month's draft.

A moment of levity was donated by a teenager who may not have been the person expected to provide one. Nick Gilbert was born with Neurofibromatosis, a nerve disorder that causes tumors to grow anywhere in the body at any time. Nick finished his answer by telling the TV audience that he's the oldest of five and that he's handling his disease well. But it was his opening remark that resonated and has become the tag line du jour.

Dan said that he sent his son to represent the Cavs in the draft to bring the team some good luck. That plan worked, and as the draft lottery concluded--with the Cavs taking home the first and fourth overall picks--Nick's phrase quickly started to take on a life of its own.

Local company Fresh Brewed Tees has already created a T-shirt that prominently displays the new Cleveland mantra. The company has also pledged $5 from the sale of every $24.99 shirt go to the Children's Tumor Foundation to help find a cure for Neurofibromatosis.

The Cavs also have two coveted draft picks to help speed up the team's rebuilding process, which has Cleveland fans saying, "what's not to like?"

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