Leon Bibb on LeBron James' return to the wine and gold

CLEVELAND - Leon Bibb writes his perspective about the return of LeBron James.

Here is a thought about LeBron: No matter how far away you go, often there is that strong desire to return home. Home is where there is a light in the window and family around the table; celebration, too, if you have been away for a length of time.

In his letter to the world , really, a letter to us, we who inhabit this Northeast Ohio corner of the world,  he wrote several times of "home."  Growing up in Akron and Northeast Ohio, running here, crying here, bleeding here, he mentions. He left our house for a life in Miami, admittingly calling his decision "tough" because he had created so much here at home.

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But his four years away from home helped him mature. Perhaps we can all find something in our own lives to help us better understand that.

His return seems clothed in the garment of family.  He mentions Akron third-graders who benefit from his foundation, hoping they go to college, but return home.  LeBron’s four years away he equates to a sort of college for himself.  "These four years helped raise me to who I am," he concludes.

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Throughout his letter is the theme of home and maturity. "In Northeast Ohio," he writes, "Nothing is given.  Everything is earned. You work for what you have." That is work-ethic talk; Northeast Ohio strong.  We understand that. He admits all this is bigger than basketball.  "I have a responsibility to lead in more ways than one," writes LeBron.

So the son who has been away comes home.  With welcoming arms, we remember the youngster who grew into adolescence and young manhood, who has found his stride in adulthood. You can go home again because home is where the heart is and where it first learned of strength. "I’m coming home," writes James who, with measured steps, walks a pathway he has never forgotten.   

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