On 4-year anniversary of 'The Decision' rumors swirling around where LeBron James will land

NewsChannel5 replaying 'Decision' special at 10 AM

CLEVELAND - Tuesday, July 8 marks four years since Akron native LeBron James shocked Northeast Ohio by famously--and perhaps notoriously--announcing he would be "taking my talents to South Beach." 

As the rumor mill picks up speed, there's some speculation that LeBron could take a shot at redemption by announcing, on this 4-year anniversary, that he's returning home. 

Regardless, as soon as NBA free agency kicked off July 1, the offseason circus has been in full-swing with reporters serving as the ringleaders.

Of course, LeBron's impending, ahem, decision has lots of people talking.

For more, watch this Newsy video.  

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